Feeding Challenge

Since 7th month old, Chloe was unable to swallow due to weakening of her skeletal muscles. She was on long term NGT feeding until 2012 where the doctor recommended feeding button for her. It took us awhile to make the painful decision because we were hoping she could manage swallowing within having to get a feeding button. However, it’s time for an “upgrade” where we shouldn’t deny her.

Chloe underwent an uneventful procedure and she was discharged after a week in the hospital. It was one of the best decisions (though painful) we made and we can see that she was growing well.

We started looking around for a good and reliable feeding button for Chloe and we found AMT. Daddy was invited to shared our experience during of the the Homecare workshop for PEG feeding. For parents who are thinking of having a feeding button for their child, we highly recommend you to do so. If your child is on NGT for more than 6 months already and  she/he has no other complication, then you should consider button feeding.

You can learn about the pros and cons on button feeding here.


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