Year 2011

In 2012, our family was featured in a TV program called “Touch of Hope” hosted by Diana Ser. During the episode, we shared about how we got to know about Chloe’s diagnosis and the journey in looking after her. It was the very first time our family went on TV and we were pretty excited but yet, it was not easy to share about out struggles. Nevertheless, we were hoping to raise the awareness on rare disease in our society.

Year 2013

In order to express Mediacorp’s gratitude towards the support rendered by the audiences for the past 50 years, Ch 8 introduced a 10 episodes variety show called “The Joy Truck” spreading the love and warmth to every family in Singapore carried by this small truck. Rare Disorders Society (Singapore), founded by our family, became the first beneficiary and Chloe was featured in the first episode together with another 2 kids. It was an unforgettable experience for us, especially for Cayden (Chloe’s younger brother) who was only 9 months old. Thank you Mediacorp, for fulfilling our wish in bringing Chloe out for an excursion. We believe more people are now aware of what rare disease is and how they can show their support to us.

Year 2014

Once again, our family was invited to go on “The Joy Truck 2” meeting with a new family whose child was diagnosed with a rare condition. In this episode, we shared about Chloe attending school and she is becoming “less princess”. Daddy also shared some of the tips with the new family and invited them to join Rare Disorders Society (Singapore).

Year 2015

Our story was featured in a Chinese documentary series called “Blissful Living” in 2015. It was not easy because it brought back some of the bad memories. However, it served as a reminder for us that no matter what happened, we need to look forward and be grateful of what we have.

We are not asking for more, just a complete family and everyone staying happy and healthy!