On 8th November 2014 the family celebrated Chloe's 5th birthday. The parents have this to say to Chloe...

To my dearest Chloe,
5 years ago on this very special day, you came into my life. Though you are living with a rare disease but that didn’t stop daddy from loving you the way you are. You are such an inspiration to daddy’s life and because of you, life has never be the same. Daddy want you to know that having a rare condition doesn’t make you different from other kid. You may have special challenges but you are doing very well to overcome them. Every biweekly, we are back to hospital for your infusion and setting the IV plug on you is so painful for daddy to watch. But knowing you are going home stronger and healthier after each infusion bring some comfort to daddy. So please continue to bear with the pain and promise daddy you will not cry again during the procedure. Daddy like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be there with you on every therapy sessions, hospital visits and school classes. Your sheer grit and determination to do well during those moments really inspired daddy to do more in helping other families with children living with rare disease. Daddy promise you that I will walk this journey with you until the last second of my life. Nothing will ever change my love, care and commitment for you. Chloe, daddy want you to know that I will always love you and God will protect and heal you. Remember you are here to glorify God so continue to inspire people around you the way you inspired daddy. Daddy is looking forward to celebrating your 6th birthday next year!
Happy Birthday and Love you forever!

Daddy Kenneth

To my special and beautiful Chloe,
Five years ago, you brought much excitement and joy with your arrival. Months after, we were saddened by the news of your condition and the little possible time we might have with you. Our world just crumpled right in front of us. I remember that critical night when i was speaking with you in the ward. Mummy needed your assurance to start you on the treatment. The last thing mummy wants is to prolong your suffering. That night, the look in your eyes, it just connected with me. It was the start of a tough yet meaningful journey. The sheer determination to live and the courage to fight is something no one can compare. You gave us strength to carry on. You are the reason for everything we do. Mummy draws strength and courage from you just as you find comfort in me. I stayed outside the ICU waiting for you to wake up, to offer comfort in case you were afraid of the strange environment. But you showed amazing bravery. You showed 180 degrees recovery when mummy is around you. I am glad I can provide for you in many ways, especially the emotional support you constantly need from me. You are God sent. I cannot thank God more for gifting you to me. Because you are special, we became special parents who performed special missions in this lifetime. You have achieved so much that you surpassed many able beings out there. Mummy believes in you that you will continue to inspire many more people and you will live well. Mummy will be here for you…till the end of time. We all will be. I love you! Happy 5th birthday and many more to come!

Mummy Patricia

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Chloe celebrated her 5th birthday and it was a milestone that we never dare to dream of. We thank God for protecting her and giving us the chance to continue having her with us. It was  amazing to walking this far with her!

We do not know how many 5 years we will have with but that’s not important as long as we enjoyed everyday having her with us. The best reward is having to see her smile every morning.

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