You may now choose to support Chloe by making a donation to her through or PayPal or PayNow.

Under, Rare Disorders Society (Singapore) has started an online fundraiser at to support Chloe with her ongoing needs. Due to her increasing needs for newer equipment and therapies, any contribution from the public is much appreicated.

Since late 2019, the family had spent close to $7,500 (despite getting some funding through medical social worker at the hospital) on her medical equipment such as BiPAP ventilator and humidifier.

The family also spend around $1,500 to upgrade her iPad for communication needs.

Following her recent medical review, the family is expected to spend between $15,000 to $20,000 to upgrade Chloe’s current wheelchair as well as getting a brand new cough assist.

Donations collected will not be handed over to the family but manage by RDSS.

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Chloe is growing up and her needs has increased very rapidly, especially the recent years.

Recently (late2019), the family have spent $7,500.00 to upgrade her BiPAP ventilator and humidifier.

This year, Chloe needs a new wheelchair with customised seat that may cost up to $10,000.

Every donation collected will be banked into Chloe’s Child Development Account or her saving account.

Making a donation to Chloe has now be made easy with the introduction of PayNow.

You may wish to pay via your bank account to the following phone number: 9633 6393 (Daddy’s number)

Every donation will be either bank into her Child Development Account or saving account. The family will produce prove of transfer when demand.

You can choose to mail the family a cheque, by making it payable to “Mah Ruo Han Chloe”.

Please mail to the following address:

Chloe Mah

43 Hindhede Walk #07-08 Singapore 587973

Thank you for your kind donations!