Children living with rare disorders require medical invention throughout their entire life. Therefore, we seek your support to help them to cope with the challenges. Parents will look after them and they may not outlived their child with rare disorder. Constant support is needed from the general public.


Donating to KKH

At the moment there are few patients, suffering with similar diseases like Chloe, receiving ERT treatment at KK Hospital. We seek your kind donation in helping these patients with their medical expenses by donating to KKH Hospital Health Endowment Fund.

To make a gift, please click here to download KKH donation form.

Donations are entitled to tax exemption. Please provide your full name, mailing address, NRIC, contact number and name of event: “SaveChloe” or “RDSS” at the back of your cheque. A tax exempt receipt will be issued for donations of S$50.00 and above.


Donating to Rare Disorders Society (Singapore)

If tax-exemption is not an issue to you, you may like to donate to Rare Disorders Society (Singapore). Please find out more about RDSS at

The Society is a registered Charity with MOH from August 2015 but have yet to obtain IPC status. The founders of this non-profit organisation are Chloe’s parent.


Mailing address:

Rare Disorder Society (Singapore)
43 Hindhede Walk #07-08 Singapore 587973


Donating to Chloe directly

Dear Kind Donors
Please note that Chloe’s CDA (child’s development account) has been transferred from OCBC to UOB.
Details as follows:
CDAccount: 611-303-231-3
Bank code: 7375
Branch code: 001

Or via cheque payable to Mah Ruo Han Chloe
Mailing address:
43 Hindhede Walk
#07-08 Singapore 587973


Donate through Paypal

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